Monday, 4 June 2012

Chapter 119 The hike to end all hikes

Nablus to Taybeh:

Approximately 45 km over two days. Let me see if I remember  the series of villages we went through.

Nablus to Awarta

Through the mountains from Awarta to Aqraba. In a huge stroke of luck we ran across a guide whose knowledge of the mountains trails saved us a good few hours in lost wanderings.

Aqraba to a Dora - a street lined with houses where the kindly shop keeper shook his head in astonishment as he let us refill our water bottles.

'But why do you want to walk all this way? You know there's a bus yes?'

We left Dora and started the long walk down the mountains and down down down to Ain Samia. A place of wonder with full springs where our 14 hour first day walk would surely culminate with us cooling our feet in the clear water.

Unfortunately the spring had dried up the week before (what're you gonna do?) and we collapsed on a flat topped hill and set up camp before day two.

An uneventful night, barring an ambush by Israeli IDF soldiers who had seen our fire from the road. They took our passports and we all stood around awkwardly while they seemingly struggled to find any sort of justification for their intrusion. 

The next day we walked back up a mountain to Kafr Kana and crossed over to the other side and down to Taybeh.

I'm not going to wax lyrical about the landscape as I've done that many a time but there are, as always, pictures :)


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