Friday, 1 June 2012

Chapter 118 Taybeh

One of my first West Bank discoveries was Palestinian Oktoberfest.

Held in a tiny Christian village called Taybeh, the festival serves as a platform to sellers of Palestinian products from all around the area, helping them to sell and promote their wares.

The star of the festival is, of course, beer.  Taybeh beer in fact. The Taybeh (meaning delicious) brewery is the only one in Palestine and serves up a genuinely delicious line of brews.

The factory is small but in stellar condition. It is efficiently run by the khoury family and currently managed by Madees Khoury - educated abroad, giving back at home - an impressive young lady who is serious about her work as a brewer.

The factory is worth visiting and looks very cool. There's also great Taybeh posters. Pictures below for you:

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  1. i went a few ago.. there are ten other short clips i took all of very poor quality.. fond memories..:) did gtown perform this year too?