Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chapter 117 Forbidden

I’m not going to lie, Cremisan wine is not great wine.

Palestinian olive oil is second to none, but the wine; it’s not great.

I mean, it’s not terrible wine either.

It’s probably closer to terrible then great. It is, however, wine. And it’s cheap. And easy for us to get.

And it’s produced by Salesian monks at a picturesque old monastery in the West Bank, standing just outside of Bethlehem, bordering the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Now, that’s pretty cool.

 They’re not incredibly friendly, the monks.

To be fair we only met the one. He was terse. In a stoic, European kind of way.

“Hi, we’ve heard we can get a tour of the winery?”


“Oh… ummmm are you sure? Cause I heard that you guys do that.”

Crosses arms


“Oh… well we came all this way.”

“It is forbidden. You can buy wine from the shop.”

He leads us to the shop and bends down to enter. He stands behind the cash register and regards us with blue eyes as we wander around awkwardly.

“Wow I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of Cremisan wines…”

Blank stare.

“So… how long have you been making wine.”


“And who actually makes it?”

“He is Italian, he helps us.”

“Oh… ok. So… just him then?”

Blank stare.

“Ummmm… so this is really lovely. Can we maybe walk around a little and see the gardens and the vineyard?”


“Uh-huh… so just the shop then?”

blank stare.

“Ummm… any reason why?”

“It is forbidden.”

Well you just can't argue with that now can you? 

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