Friday, 4 May 2012

Chapter 114 Seriously, hike

You thought I was kidding about the hiking stuff didn't you?

You smiled and nodded gently thinking it was the giddy excitement of novelty. You accepted them on the basis they resulted from the fallen standards of winter.

Trust me on this. Come. Hike. In. Palestine. If you're not the 'well let's just stop the car here and start walking type' then I've just the thing for you.

Walking Palestine, a soon to be released book detailed 25 stunning hikes in the West Bank. Painstakingly mapped out and written by Stefan Szepesi.

There's a sample chapter on his website which formed the basis of our last hike from Jenin down to the Christian/Muslim village of Zebebdeh.

An easy three hour stroll through warm, enveloping landscape.

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  1. im pretty sure the white and red marks are dont by the israeli natuer authority.. i think thats the convention for a relatively challenging hike in israel.. we also have blue and green and black and one which is blue orange and white which demarks the israel long hike that changes course every year..

    hiking is amazing.. please also encourage people to never leave anything behind - not even vegetable or fruit scraps.. always leave nature as you found it - except that if you see garbage do the right thing and remove it..