Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chaper 116 A whiter shade of brown

Fair and lovely.

Lovely and fair.

Don't go in the sun and shade your face if you do.

Keep that complexion creamy and pale.

It's not that whitening creams are especially prolific in Nablus. They are easily found in most places nowadays, more's the shame.

Nor is it that Nabulsi women are not particularly dark as it is.  

It's that it's near impossible to find a non whitening face cream here. Despite the availability of almost every major brand including Olay, Garnier and Nivea - it's pretty much limited exclusively to their whitening lines.

Why? It's hip, it's trendy and it's oh so very close to the pictures of those nice ladies in magazines whose lives are oh so very different from theirs.


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  1. when i studied in china 10 years ago there were whitening stores that sold only that..