Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chapter 113 Over the counter

'Hello Pharmacist, do you have something for an itchy throat? It's not hurting or anything, just a little uncomfortable'

'Of course! Let me take a look. Aha! Here they are. Take these three times a day after eating.'

'Ok cool. What are these?'


'Oh... yes. Very good. Ummm... I was thinking more like a strepsil or something...'


When I was in school, our school nurse prescribed throat lozenges for anything from a headache to a broken arm.

Here it's antibiotics.

Sore throat? Antibiotics.
Runny nose? Antibiotics.
Tired? Antibiotics.

They're sold over the counter and, more often than not, prescribed by the pharmacist himself.

I recently met a girl over from Europe who was studying the waning effect of antibiotics here.  Would love to know what she found.


  1. You can find OTC antibiotics everywhere in the middle east. Its the same here in the UAE. Its ridiculous cos it increases the chances of developing antibiotic resistance especially if people don't complete the course (which is common- people stop taking the medication when they feel better) so when the time comes and they do need the antibiotic it doesn't work.

    When I was at uni in the UK, my friend would bring a bag-full of antibiotics from Nablus with him and take an entire course just before exams as a prophylactic!

  2. haha that's awesome.

    When I first to the UK from the UAE I was horrified that I couldn't buy my must-have, useful-for-everything antibiotic cream without a prescription.

  3. i could talk about the mismanagement of the medical industry between the jordan and the med for years on end..