Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chapter 113 Over the counter

'Hello Pharmacist, do you have something for an itchy throat? It's not hurting or anything, just a little uncomfortable'

'Of course! Let me take a look. Aha! Here they are. Take these three times a day after eating.'

'Ok cool. What are these?'


'Oh... yes. Very good. Ummm... I was thinking more like a strepsil or something...'


When I was in school, our school nurse prescribed throat lozenges for anything from a headache to a broken arm.

Here it's antibiotics.

Sore throat? Antibiotics.
Runny nose? Antibiotics.
Tired? Antibiotics.

They're sold over the counter and, more often than not, prescribed by the pharmacist himself.

I recently met a girl over from Europe who was studying the waning effect of antibiotics here.  Would love to know what she found.