Thursday, 1 March 2012

Interviewing Change

Susan Macaulay has been a friend of mine for a few years and is someone I have a lot of admiration for.

She built her life and success with her bare hands and took every setback, every obstacle, and owned it.

She founded, created and grew the website Amazing Women Rock. It is an evolving tribute to the strengths and achievements of women throughout the ages and its community is spread all over the world.

She has recently been joining forces with Here Women Talk, an online radio station that covers a huge range of issues and topics.

Susan and HWT founder Kay Van Hoesen kindly invited me to participate in an interview to talk about my move to the West Bank and motivations behind it.

The interview is here and features my story as well as Susan's and an inspiring story of a lady who remade her life after being declared legally blind.

It's about 45 minutes long and there's some interesting debate at the end about what makes someone want to make a big jump or change.

Hope you enjoy it! If you've made any big changes yourself and can add to the debate please do leave me a comment.

Being part of a diaspora, I know a lot of people who have packed up and moved their life more than once.

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