Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chapter 112 The West Bank's Biggest Secret

"You can hike around the West Bank?"

You can hike SO MUCH around the West Bank. You could get dropped off anywhere, head off in the direction of the nearest mountain, and find yourself surrounded by lush, flowing landscapes and colors that seem inconceivable in the land the world forgot. 

I won't get too carried away with the hyperbole as there's a shocking number of photos below that tell this story. It is for reasons like this that I've kept up this blog. The West Bank is an unbelievably rich gold mine of outdoor activities and touristic wonders.

This may be its biggest secret. 

Tubas city centre and the start of our hike. Not too far from the Jordan Valley

A mural of Yasser Arafat next to the Municipality building of Tubas

A discarded bee hive

A traditional stone oven. Check out my musakhan posts to learn about the deliciousness these ovens produce

Tortoise in the West Bank. Who knew?

This incredible eagle (?) soared overhead, coasting on the winds and searching for prey

Old old olive trees. All wrinkled and twisted... wonderful

Lovely little red flowers are sprinkled everywhere. They are very common here and I believe are called anemones.

On the way back to the servees station and Nablus after a hefty 5 hour hike around the area