Friday, 2 March 2012

Chapter 109 Snow Day

thank you to @PalestineRage for this beautiful picture.

"It's going to snow tomorrow."

"No it's not. You know it's totally not."

"No really, everyone says so."

"Everyone says so every time. It's been two years dude, it's not going to snow."

And it never does.

Rumors of snow are forever circulating among staff and students. Whispers of freezing cold, raging winds and ghastly weather conditions.

The rumors are always attributed to some shadowy group of weather experts.

"They said it's going to snow."

But it never does.

"Miss Sara there's no school tomorrow."

"Really Maya? Who told you that?"

"My mom, she said they said it's going to snow."

"Has the principal said there's no school?"

"No. But nobody will come if it's snowing Miss Sara."

She's right. Most don't even come if it's raining.

But anyway it's a moot point because...

it never does.

Until today. The West Bank woke up to real, live, soft, white, still on the ground snow.

Twitter was abound with pictures and breathless descriptions of it.

It was a thing of beauty.

Snow fell almost everywhere.

Except Nablus.

Where it never does.

The sad, unsnowy view from my window

Around the West Bank. Photos courtesy of Maan News


  1. Legend has it that it snowed once 20 years ago. I have seen no documented evidence of this...