Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chapter 106 Antiquing

Lots of antique shops around Nablus. They have specialized buyers that travel to all the neighboring villages to value and buy old items and family heirlooms.

Dusty shop walls literally overflowing with knick knacks, old tea sets, jewellery, furnishings and stories.

History on shelves... 


  1. back up!!! pic 2 - isnt that a shabbat cup? pic 4 - not a shabbat cup and candle holders? pic 6 - clearly a hanukia..

    this throws me back to materials i read about jews of teh region converting in the centuries leading up to this last one to islam..

    one of my colleagues told me that during teh six day war when israel conquered the west bank it was discovered that many families conducted numerous jewish traditions without even knowing why and one they found out that they were like the "jews" they stopped..

    this fascinates me as do your pics

  2. Indeed! Don't forget the Samaritans are also practicing Jews and have been physically present here for centuries. A lot of the antiques date back yonks to the days of co-existence.