Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chapter 103 Mmmmmusakhan

Warm, doughy flat bread topped with cooked onions, summac*, roasted chicken and almonds... drenched... practically dripping with pure home grown olive oil.

Tear at it with slippery fingers, olive oil running down your arms as you scoop mouth watering mouthful after mouthful into your mouth.

Mmmmm... musakhan. The ultimate Palestinian dish.

If you're in Nablus go to Mashawi Baladna. If you're in Ramallah take a serveese down to Ain Areek and find the Al Falaha Restaurant with its stunning outside seating area.

Plan ahead for the inevitable food coma.

Taboon - the traditional bread that forms the foundation of the dish. Source

Those are each one person portions at Mashawi Baladna in Nablus

At Al Falaha. The chicken is slow roasted and comes smoothly and easily off the bone

The stone oven used to bake the bread

The inside part of the restaurant is very small and white with traditional Palestinian dresses hanging on the walls

The outside of Al Falaha Restaurant in Ain Areek (a suburb of Ramallah). It used to be a separate village however as Ramallah grew it adopted many of the surrounding villages into its domain
The outside seating area in Al Falaha. There's a little playground at the end for kids

A fountain at the end of the garden in Al Falaha

You just gotta dig in

*Summac is a purple spice used fairly commonly in Middle Eastern cuisine to add a lemony taste to meats and salads


  1. looks great, thanks for the tip :-)

  2. Let me know if you go and if you enjoy it!