Friday, 30 December 2011

Chapter 95 The 40

They're called 'The 40'.

The 40 coldest days in Nablus.

Stretching from end of December til beginning of February when temperatures drop to about 3 °C and it feels like it's always raining. 

It is wet, bitterly cold and generally miserable.  Especially as most people walk
or take taxis around town.

Now I know many of you live in places where the temperature plummets 
down to insane levels and you are forced to tunnel your way through snow 
mountains to leave your house but... 

Imagine yourself without central heating, in homes constructed to escape
oppressive, August heat and let in cool summer breezes. Stone floors, drafty 
windows and squared off, flat roofed houses.

Most Nabulsis carpet their homes wall to wall and use 'sobas' or mini heaters to provide relief from the  iciness that finds its way through countless layers of clothes to seep into your bones.

And when the rains falls, it comes down in hard torrents and covers the roads like tarpaulin. Streaming down streets and into your shoes, turning your socks into stinging, soaking pieces of cloth that later have to be  peeled off your frozen feet.

As my third graders say: 'It is not beautiful Miss Sara.'

It is not.

Luckily however (more for me and less for agriculture), winter seems to be caught up in a traffic jam in some other unfortunate place. It's still sunny and, although cold, quite manageable assuming you've got yourself  hooked up with 'the good stuff'.

Once the 40 hits for real though, not even the good stuff will buttress you against and never ceasing, unpenetrable layer of glacial that will surround you until early March.

The good stuff

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  1. And this year it seems to be colder than ever.
    Best wishes with the good stuff.
    happy new year Sara.