Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chapter 93 1 AM

One o'clock in the morning.

1 AM when we reached the backlog of cars at the check point back into Nablus.

It was 1 AM when we, and those behind and in front of us, were sat for over half an hour waiting for the painfully slow examination of ID's by teenage IDF soldiers.

Half an hour as each car was searched and people made to justify every bag and explain it's contents to an occupying military force that neither respects them nor is respected by them.

1 AM on a Thursday night, in the freezing cold as a car was pulled to one side and a group of young men were made to stand around in the cold, stamping their feet and smoking cigarettes; waiting.

One o'clock in the morning as our passports were taken and examined. One o'clock in the morning as the soldiers got our passports mixed up with those of the car behind us and then proceeded to completely lose track of one of the passports of the car behind us.

One o'clock in the morning.


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