Monday, 26 December 2011

Chapter 94 Christmas Eve in Bethehem

A journey in pictures of our Christmas Eve in Bethlehem. We started off with lunch at a famous restaurant in Beit Jala (a suburb of Bethlehem) then walked down to Manger Square and on to Shepherd's Field in Beit Sahour (another suburb).

Outside at Beit Jala - suburb of Bethlehem
Famous bbqed  chicken at Qaabar Restaurant in Beit Jala
Bbqing outside
We saw this on the walk from Beit Jala, through Bethlehem down to Beit Sahour
Where do you want to go?
Walking down to Manger Square through the Old City towards the Church of the Nativity
At the old city shops
Christmas lingerie
The square was full. Up ahead is the Church of the Nativity
Having a sheesha on the job - waiting for the ceremonies to start
At Manger Square
Around the square
Santa fever
Nativity at the wall at souvenir shop (all items priced in dollars)
At the square - Bethlehem Peace Centre
Christmas Bells - self service restaurant
Leaving the square and heading to Shepherd's Field

Just a fantastic name
Mini Santa fever
Walking down to Shepherd's Field in Beit Sahour, a suburb of Bethlehem
A Nativity scene at a church on the way
A church on the way
Orient Restaurant - an old sign
The centre of Shepherd's Field
A small church in Shepherd's Field where we attended a mass later on
Inside a small chapel built into a cave in Shepherd's Field
Inside the cave
Looking out from the central square in Shepherd's Field. Little seating areas for the sermons among stunning views
Old caves where the shepherd's used to live
Stairs leading down to a cave
Walking around Shepherd's Field
Next to the fountain
Views from Shepherd's Field
Beautiful outside area
Before the sermon
More views
The priest giving his sermon inside a little church
Entrance to Shepherd's Field
An illustration of the story  of the 3 shepherds in Shepherd's Field
Walking back to Manger Square late on Christmas Eve in the rain
The centre of Manger Square at night, mostly emptied out


  1. Ohhhh... thank you for these wonderful photos and sharing them. So many memories! :-)

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! Was a lovely evening

  3. merry Christmas and happy new year sara,
    loved the photos so much !

  4. Thanks Nesan! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well :) :)

  5. havent been there in 27 years.. last time was with my dad..