Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chapter 90 Sleeping Inn

Nazareth is a great place to spend some time if you're going to be exploring Northern Israel, The Galilee or the Northern areas of the West Bank.

It's always a bit touch and go finding a reasonably priced hostel or hotel and not ending up somewhere where the sewage is coming out of the bathroom floor or you're surrounded by sketchy looking teenagers on a questionable holiday. 

We found a great place in Nazareth and, for anyone going, definitely consider it. The Fauzi Aar Inn.

Really lovely with very welcoming staff. It's also in a restored, 200 year old mansion.

Just saying.

All the info's on the website but here's some pictures to give you an idea of it anyhow.


The dorm room

An outside seating area.

A running fountain to add to the air of serenity

The breakfast room's walls are all hand painted

One of the private rooms

The entrance to the reception from the courtyard

A handpainted ceiling that has remained untouched for 200 years

The reception area

It's full of little touches like this that give it a really quaint but quirky feel

In the common area


  1. how do you feel about it being a joint venture between an israeli jew and an israeli palestinian family.. they actually won international acclaim and awards

  2. btw my wife and i had our first romantic getaway there when we first met.. it was magical..

  3. Hey Lirun,

    The Fauzi Azar has a great story. And they deliver so much on service so it's really the whole package.

    Must be fantastic for a romantic getaway! I really enjoyed my stay. And Nazareth's old city is really beautiful.

  4. :)

    it was an the restaurants there were incredible.. food service and ambiance..