Friday, 18 November 2011

Chapter 89 The Museum on the Seam

After much enthusiastic coaxing from a friend, I went to the Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem.

If you're into art and are ever in the area I would strongly recommend passing by. Artists from all backgrounds are featured and the work is thought provoking and smart.

A little virtual tour for you - a selection of art that I was both particularly struck by and able to properly capture on camera:

Ahmed Mater - Saudi Arabia

Mounir Fatmi - Morocco

Moataz Nasr - Egypt

Ann Mesner - USA

Ann Mesner - USA

Martha Rosler - USA

Jota Castro - Peru/Belgium

Thomas Hirchhorn - Switzerland

A close up of the images on the dress

Ubik - India "The Revolution Will Be Merchandised"

A view from the top of the Museum, overlooking West Jerusalem


  1. very very cool.. must go there!!

  2. So audatious this so called museum of 'coexistence' is! It was designed, built, and owned, by Andoni Baramki as his home in 1932, a notable palestinian jerusalemite architect. The house was taken over by the Israelis in 1948 where it stood in the 'no man's land' area. But when Baramki tried to claim it in 1967 the israelis told him as far as they were concerned he was 'absent' even if he had been actually present! He died of heart break 4 years later.

  3. Hi Jumana,

    Thanks for your comment. There are lots of very sad stories of people losing their homes and I'm sure this is no different. I'm not sure the museum referenced in your article is the same one from the description though. The exhibit I saw featured lots of Midde Eastern and Western artists expressing their feelings about the war in Iraq, capitalism etc.

    Lirun - yes, you must. The art was excellent!