Saturday, 17 September 2011

Chapter 77 Voices

The PA's upcoming bid for statehood at the UN has received a lot of attention in the media.

Across the net voices have rung out in the form of blogs, op-eds, tweets, articles and Facebook statuses - a good chunk of it negative.
  • They're removing the 'right of return' from the table
  • By claiming a state, they've given up on the real Palestine
  • Where was the referendum that should have preceded a move of this gravity? Where's our vote?
 There are also voices within Palestine that are talking. In Nablus, the prevaling attitude is one of non committal antipathy.

  • Nothing will happen, you'll see. It will get vetoed outright
  • Who cares anyway? You think life will change for us?
  • This is a PR exercise, it doesn't solve any problems
Palestinian voices have risen before, and while these days they are careful to speak only in neutral, resigned tones - somewhere beneath that there is still life. A bit of spirit that, should the opportunity arise, may find itself in hope and optimism.

In the lead up to the bid there has been a marked increase in settler attacks in and around Nablus. There are reports the settlers have organized campaigns protesting the bid. Others think the settlers are trying to provoke the Palestinians into 'making a mistake'; undermining  their position at the UN.

This week may be an eventful one. On the other hand it may be like any other week here in Nablus.

After all that's happened, it's hard to know what will spark average the Palestinian's emotions and what will be disregarded as yet another futile political gambit in a game they are merely spectators at.

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