Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chapter 74 Feasible alternatives

The question 'why do Palestinians/Muslims/Arabs always resort to violence' has always irked me.

First off because they don't. There have been a multitude of books written, speeches given and protests marched in the name of a million different causes.

Sadly, most of these books go unread, the speeches unheard and the protests ignored.

In fact, the only thing that doesn't go ignored is violence. If anything, violence tends to be reinforced because even if it solves nothing at all - it gets attention.

You could point out - and you would be right - that if someone is intent on committing an act of violence they will do so. The difference is there would be a lot less support for violence if a feasible alternative was available.

Julia Bacha, a Brazilian film maker, followed, documented and released the story of Budrus. Budrus is a village in the West Bank that, through non violent resistance, managed to convince the Israeli government to re-route a section of the Wall that would have split their village.

Through her work, she saw first hand the power of non violence and the movements it can inspire. She speaks of screening Budrus around the West Bank and the reception it had from Palestinians who had long given up hope on their words being heard.

I first heard Julia speak at Tedx Ramallah and just recently watched her talk at Ted Global.

Her talk is below and here. It brought tears to my eyes - I hope it inspires you too.

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