Thursday, 1 September 2011

Chapter 73 Operation extreme redundancy

Something the new people struggle to get used to is the constant commentating that follows them around.

For the bored guy sitting on the curb, it is a moment's amusement quickly forgotten. For a non Arab it is a daily narrative running the gamut of friendly greetings to gleeful obscenities to aggressive insults. It can get intensely frustrating.

It has been suggested that correcting the offenders' incorrect conjugations of curse words would have the double benefit of building bridges as well as soothing the adding-insult-to-injury aspect of swearing at an English teacher in bad English. 

The random shouting things out at foreigners is, for the most part, totally without purpose or point and is likely an exercise in wanton attention seeking.

Case in point:

After about ten minutes of following us on their bikes with barely a breath taken between their shouts of 'hello! hello!' one of the twelve year old boys looks at the other and asks in Arabic:

'hey what does "hello" mean?'

Cue eye rolling and the hot rush of annoyance at the wholly gratuitous badgering in the middle of the street while you're trying to go about your business and have a normal conversation with a colleague.  

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