Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chapter 72 The busiest night of the year

Is without the shadow of a doubt - the night before Eid, when the Duwar (roundabout), the centre of town, literally heaves with people and scampering children.

Consider Oxford Street the day before Christmas. Bring to your mind's eye the madness of packed streets and manic shoppers whose sense of individuality is all but gone in their neon lit race to procure a long list of required gifts and foodstuffs. 

Except without the stress. Oxford Street is practically the urban onset of a heart attack.

Add in every possible makeshift stall you can conceive of using only things that you already own, being manned by vendors age 14 and up hocking their wares. Also include carts laden with traditional sweets and foods ranging from imlabas (sugar covered almonds, please excuse any transliteration errors) and baklawa to meat sandwiches and fresh juices.

Nablus is, by the way, the shopping CENTRE of the West Bank. People come from all over to benefit from its competitive pricing and a relatively wide range of goods.

The night before Eid is no exception.

Huge queues lead up to the roastery where freshly roasted nuts give off tantalizing 'eat me' signals to your olfactory system. The streets are pedestrianized and slowly fill up with empty sweet wrappers, plastic cups and abandoned boxes as the night wears on. Those who are not shopping are socializing and those who are doing neither (pretty much only me) are walking around, taking pictures and taking it all in.

Before the moon was even sighted Nablus was readying itself up for Eid

The road leading up to the Duwar.

An unlikely Eid activity, but a popular one nonetheless it seems

The entrance to the Duwar

Imlabas and chocolates

Go big or go home

In complete contrast - this is the Duwar on the day of Eid... when I was hoping to find myself a sandwich.

The road leading down from the Duwar

The adjacent vegetable market

Happy Eid to all!!

Ramadan Kareem!


  1. hey Sara, eid Sa3eeeeed
    you know, the people that where their are not Nablus residents only. There were a lot of 20- and 50- people buses coming from Tulkarem, Jenin, and even Ramallah

    Restaurants get a one day off in el 3eed, bs also expect a rush today on all non-falafel resaurants..
    all children want to by Shawirma, burgers and Pizza because they have 3idiyyeh, they're rich :D

    About the last photo, I think it's been like this since Ramadan 2010 :D

  2. Hi Jafar!

    Someone was telling me that yesterday! I was surprised that people were even coming up from Ramallah. Were you there? It was amazing.

    Thanks for the comment!