Friday, 17 June 2011

Chapter 66 Don't lose hope, don't forget

We question the power we hold as individuals.

'My vote means nothing.'

'Why should I give my hard earned money to a cause it won't solve?'

'My contribution to this protest/boycott/debate doesn't make any kind of difference to the bigger picture.'

'What's the point?'

Late last year, individuals came together to save the life of a Palestinian child.

Being a part of Ola's story meant seeing it swept into a wave formed by individuals that moved reality. Changed it.

Redefined life for a six year old girl none of them ever had nor probably ever would meet.

Not every altruistic or charitable action will lead to an immediate or tangible result. Big movements are created through patience, build up and perseverence... and it's often difficult maintaining hope.

Ola's life was saved through the work of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, the doctors that donated their time and expertise to treat her, Social media genius Alexander McNabb who heard about her story and whose help taking it to the cyber and airwaves was vital to her campaign and everyone who donated or shared her story.

Steve Sosebee, founder and CEO of the PCRF, recently gave a talk at TedxRamallah.

His work over the past 20 years has meant he has created and witnessed many such movements and he discusses a few in his talk - including this one. You'll also get a cameo from little Ola herself, now fully cured and back home.

Don't lose hope. Don't forget.

Big love to you all.

(The talk can also be found here.)

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