Monday, 30 May 2011

Chapter 65 London: first impressions

1. Gloom was the first thing I noticed as the plane broke through the clouds in its descent to Heathrow Airport.

2. Hordes of security stationed around the airport was the second thing I noticed. Loads of them, just standing around... waiting.

It felt ironic to be coming from a conflict zone and feeling overwhelmed by security.

3. Being accompanied wherever I went by billboard and wall advertisements.

4. An ad on the tube for 'overactive bladder disorder'

5. People being too busy to chat

6. London's incredible diversity of people, nationalities and languauges

7. Spying some triangle sandwiches through a supermarket window.

8. Supermarkets in general - good heavens the selection of stuff available. I wandered around Waitrose for a good half hour in wonderment.

9. Sticking a clear plastic tray with the words 'sea food medley' on it into my basket and remembering how varied my diet was when I lived here .

10. Seeing my family and being among people who know me well.

11. Broadband (I heart UK internet)

These are the things that have stuck out to me during the past three days.

As I sit on my couch, staring out into the drizzle while eating a treacle tart out of a box, it starts to hit me just how different my life in Palestine is to my life over here.


  1. Welcome back, dear. It's all going to be rather dreary, isn't it? :)

  2. today's sunny at least :D