Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chapter 62 Leaving

It crept up on me.

It felt like we had ages and now suddenly in a few short hours I'll be making my way back to the bridge.

What was meant to be three months has become eight and my two weeks worth of clothing has held up admirably despite the weekly washes, hikes and general romps with children.

It's been a full, rich and extremely educational experience. I know calling it educational makes it sound like a chore, but it's very possibly been one of the best years of my life.

Memorable moments?

Observing my first surgery on my very first day in Nablus

Ola, the PCRF and the #SAVEOLA campaign

Seeing my kids at school go from struggling to string a sentence together to using conditionals ('if I had one hundred million shekels I would buy Miss Sara' being a popular one. I figured it wasn't the time to explain the many ways that's a problematic statement)

Setting up classes at Askar Refugee Camp

Oktoberfest! What awesomeness...

TEDx Ramallah

I did say it was educational as well though didn't I?

Juliano and the Freedom Theatre

Seeing first hand the hardship and discrimination of occupation

Being denied entry into a religious institution based on mine.

Listening to the many sad stories told with the simplicity that can only be achieved through the loss of novelty

The crossing was a mad experience for me. Never before had I approached a customs official in such a state of anxiety. Not something I'm looking forward to doing again.

So as it stands I'm in London for the next few months before coming back in September for another year of blogging, teaching, learning, doing and (hopefully) being of use.

I'll still be blogging throughout the summer but not as much. It'll be interesting to see how much reverse culture shock there'll be going back to London.

Maybe none at all.

I have to say there are certain things I'm really looking forward to.

Another list coming up:

Broadband internet (even just alwaysavailable internet)

Triangle sandwiches and food on the go

Skirts and short sleeve shirts (I know it's shallow, but I haven't seen my ankles in months)


Not being stopped by men and women with guns every other day

So... just a couple things.

One thing I know for sure is that the more time I've spent here the more I've loved and appreciated it. I recommend you all to come for a visit - see what it's really like. Look beyond the headlines.

There's so much to love.

Anyway my lovely readers. I've had a super time, I hope you've enjoyed reading.

Soon we shall meet again.



  1. thanks for your angle.. its been fascinating and uplifting - in the right way..

  2. Oh dear! This is an awesome post! I loved your journey, thanks for allowing me to join you and see Nablus through your eyes.

    I await for your return,


  3. 'spose we'll have to try for GeekFest in Sept.

    Looking forward to catching up in London, ma'am! :)

  4. me too :) :)

    Geekfest has been on my mind a lot. Definitely want to work it out next year.

  5. Lirun and Eman - thanks so much for your comments and am so glad to have had you reading the blog.

    Hope you're well and all the best!

    Ammoun - inshallah I see you here soon xx

  6. just saw your response.. my pleasure.. hope you return soon..