Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chapter 61 Magic bread

A non descript door in a non descript alley leads to a Narnia of bread based footstuffs.

A small room in an ancient little structure. A stone oven. Wafts of fresh baked bread smell floating around and generally some Qur'an playing on the radio.

It took us months to stumble across this place and genuinely like two seconds to become regular customers.

Samir opened up shop 20 years ago and serves arguably the best egg bread around.

It all looks so simple:

Bake some bread, crimp the edges, break a couple eggs, mix them in with salt and pepper, stick it in the oven, roll it up in some newspaper and slide it across the counter.

So simple.

And yet... so yummy.


Hence the name.

'Hey anyone want anything from the magic bread place?'

'You went to the magic bread place???? Aaargh - why WHY did I have to be in class?'

And it doesn't stop at egg bread. He also sells fantastic zaatar (thyme & sesame), cheese bread, various mixes of the three and cooks gloriously fragrant traditional Palestinian dishes in his stone oven.

When he's in a good mood he'll chat and give you a taste of whatever he's making. He makes impromptu introductions between customers as he feeds more wood into the oven.

'This is Sara! She teaches at the school up the hill. Sara - tell him about the chidren.'

'Errrmm... the children are good.'

'Tell him Sara, tell him - are they learning?'

'Errrmmm... the children are learning.'

'Ha! Here you go, enjoy.'

So you hand over your three shekels, tuck the wrapped bread under your arm, leave his cosy little shack to make your way back up the hill knowing full well you'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. as cliche as it is (given im a jaffan) i am an abulafya regular