Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chapter 60 Colours

Our latest hike took us through Wadi Badan to Sebastiya which features ruins dating back 10,000 years.

The pictures of Wadi Badan speak for themselves but I wanted to set the scene for you a little bit.

Imagine walking in nature. Nobody around for miles - or at least as far as you can see. No cars, no roads, no planes, jets, watch towers, chattering children or nosy neighbors. Just you and acres of hills and forestry.

It's silent.

So silent your footsteps sound heavy. As you walk you listen to the wind rushing past your ears and the some time singing of birds.

And you notice the colours...


  1. thank you for providing this window to a town of ancient significance to me as a jew to which i am not allowed to go as an israeli

  2. Actually a lot of settlers and Israelis come visit. The locals there do lots of tours for them.

    The wadi particularly was fantastic.

  3. is it one of the zones i am allowed into?

  4. Yup - there are very few Zone A areas around the West Bank.

    Zone A means they're fully controlled by the PA and Israel has mandated that no Israelis enter them. So you've got huge hebrew signs outside Nablus and Ramallah telling Israelis to not come in. As far as I know that's a suggestion though, not a law.

    I'd recommend the Jordan Valley as well. Beautiful.

  5. ive been to the jordan valley and yes i am aware that israel precludes me from zones and not the PA.. this is largely due to perceived security risks..