Friday, 13 May 2011

Chapter 56 Dislocated lives

He fell in love with her at university...

He took the traditional route and made the necessary inquiries. She was interested too. The families would soon meet.

Within one minute to the next he found himself spending the next five years in an Israeli jail. He never saw her again.

Fast forward twenty years and he’s married with growing children.

“You have no idea how it is to feel like you’re living the wrong life. To always be thinking of what could have been… should have been.”

He drives a taxi...

“When I first started driving this cab I couldn’t believe what had happened to my life. I had become a beggar, stretching my hand back for 10 shekels.”

He had been a high ranking civil service officer until he was fired and thrown in jail on suspicion of supporting Hamas.

She's seen the world fall apart and come back together...

and fall apart again.

She was 10 when they began the long walk from their coastal city to the West Bank. They walked for one day and one night.

"It was Ramadan and it was hot. People died from thirst. Mothers with children in their laps. I was carrying a child in my arms who was a stranger to me. It could have been anybody's."

Her father was already dead and her mother moved them from city to city to make ends meet.

Her own husband is dead and she spent years visiting her sons in jail.

Now she has over 40 grandchildren living around the world and she sees humor in the past.

She sits with grace... she speaks with humanity.


  1. this area is saturated with tales of sadness.. luckily there are also tales of joy..

  2. Charming but sad - life's quirks....