Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chapter 52 Sonic booms and classrooms

I'm not trying to be unreasonable here. I'm not involving myself in politics that I could never really understand nor spouting hastily formed judgments based entirely on a perspective that was born and formed elsewhere.

I'm just saying there's only so many times the sound barrier has to be broken by low flying Israeli jets before it puts a damper on the class time 'mood'.

You see, it kinda breaks up my flow on the beauty of irregular past tense verbs when the 4th (totally unprovoked as far as I can tell) sound boom is administered and we have to wait (yet again) for the windows to stop shaking.

The kids are so immune to it they barely register the first few. Then, if there's a particularly low flying plane, the younger ones are startled out of their work and look up at you questioningly with anxious eyes filled with flashback.

Pulls their focus is all I'm saying.

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