Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chapter 44 Thoughts on (with) Gaza

On March 15 Gaza City filled with thousands of people demanding a new way.


Millions of people locked in... Cut off... Slowly starved by an international community that won't look them in the face and hides behind tenuous justifications.

On March 15 they joined the Arab World in voicing their discontent with their leaders. With the leaders of what has become 'the other Palestine' that they are so cut off from.

And the protests continued, driven by their passion. More so than any of the West Bank protests.

First - Hamas hit back. Aggressively beating back the protests and arresting protestors.

Then the air strikes began. Retaliation for rocket attacks by Hamas. The first in a long time.

Not asked for by the people. Not supported by the people.

They know the consequences.

Yesterday's as yet unclaimed bombing in Jerusalem has led to a night of air strikes in Gaza. The official party line is that they are in retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks in the south.

Maan News Agency is reporting an Israeli Minister calling for 'another Cast Lead'.

When asking about the Jerusalem bombing the most common response I get here is along the lines of 'don't we have enough problems?', 'aren't the people here destitute enough without rocking the boat?'.

They do and they are.

They also know nothing they do or say will make any difference. Whatever happens around here - whether they are or are not a part of it - will result in closed check points, searches, arrests and potentially incursions.

And there's nothing they can do about it.

Such is the life of a Palestinian in Palestine.

And nowhere worse than Gaza.

*Photos taken from Maan News Agency