Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chapter 43 Breaking news

Walking through the souq an hour ago it was clear something was going on.

Accompany me down the street was a murmur that became raised voices:

'Tel Aiv'


'Something's happened'


'Jerusalem! An incident in Jerusalem!'

'Shhh... wait for it to come on the news.'


'Next to the Armenian Quarter.'

'Where's that?'

'At the beginning of West Jerusalem.'

'They're saying 25 injured - 3 are critical.'

'Next to the bus station. A bomb.'

'There's gonna be searching.'


As quickly as it started, it all quieted back down.

People went back to selling their wares and going about their day. Immune to anything that could disrupt their hard won post intifada peace.

Through the usual cacophony of vegetable prices and clucking chickens however, every radio and TV in the souq was switched on to the news.



  1. how do people feel about the act where you are.. what are the reactions you are hearing..

  2. Hey Lirun,

    I don't really know to be honest. I haven't really seen much since that first initial reaction.

    What about where you are?

  3. I spoke to a taxi driver this morning. His comment: 'Don't we have enough problems?'

  4. telaviv was momentarily rocked.. but the bubble is strong and tough.. during the lebanon war people still headed to teh beaches and went to parties..

    itll take more to rock the centre of the country.. hopefully this threshold wont be tested..

    what i suppose that it did do however is further undermine the slowly forming sense of trust.. i think whether people realise or not the "palestinian myth of violence" was probably reinforced..

  5. there you go

  6. Hey Lirun the link isn't working.

    Thanks for your comment.

    What's the thinking about the air strikes in Gaza? Do people think things will escalate?