Sunday, 6 March 2011

Chapter 40 Shiloh

Our latest hike took us to the biblical city of Shiloh.

It feels like overnight the West Bank became lush. Driving out of Nablus the surrounding hills are now covered with mossy grass and deep greenery.

Little red and yellow flowers poke out of the grass and it's completely lost that feeling of barrenness.

The taxi driver drops us off at a bend in the road and we disembark. After a few minutes of taking in the scenery we see a sign pointing towards a vineyard.

Our walk through mountain and riverbed begins:

Nestled in the mountains and taking tourists by complete surprise was a little pool used by people from nearby settlements. Despite still being quite chilly there were some people swimming and we hovered around for a while.


  1. stunning landscape. There are parts of Australia that look like that.

  2. I've heard that there's absolutely amazing places in Australia and New Zealand. Would love to go one day.