Friday, 25 February 2011

Chapter 38 Circus School - Deema's story

My after school group of girls is an advanced English class. We've been taking field trips around Nablus each week. Below is an essay written by one of my girls about the Nablus Circus School. Enjoy!

Strolling down the street, out of that school, with excitement and pleasure as we were thinking – what are we going to see?

It was warm, and the air was refreshing. Everything just felt so new and fresh. Tick tock, tick tock and it’s 2 pm. Time to start the trip.

I never ever imagined that the souq could be this nice. If you asked me about the souq two days ago, I’d just say “ewww, smelly fishes, smelly fishes”. Now, thinking through it, I don’t think it’s that bad because, beyond that smell, there were much better things.

Colorful vegetables, colorful clothes as well as shoes were all there on the sides of the streets spicing up the souq! Shouting people were nicely annoying and crying baby were annoyingly cute.

Women, men, adults, children… some were striding and some were pacing. That is the beauty of the souq. All are there, just as a loving community.

Our much smaller community which contains me, Miss Sara and other friends at TFP finally got to that place. That place with the colorful curtains and the sofas in the office. That little room with so much that it has accomplished.
Out of that room we went to the ‘pictures room’ as I like to call it. It was nice and full of wall pictures of all that this other little happy loving community achieved!

Now to the exciting room. The rehearsal room! Stilts and unicycles, juggling and trapeze is all that my brain can remember!

To do something useful with your extra time; to develop your talents and to be healthy. I think that is just the place for you.

Oh by the way…. It’s called…. Assirk Assaghir!!

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