Thursday, 3 February 2011

Be Egypt - be heroes

Please read this blog post by Egyptian blogger SandMonkey. He has been at the forefront these past few days and these past few years as he pushes for change in Egypt and refuses to be voiceless in the face of what he deems to be unjust.

He talks about living the protests, the details we don't think to consider and implores Egyptians to stay strong - united.

An audio interview from yesterday is also available where he talks at length about what's been going on and the injustices that have been perpetrated over the last few days.

Update: there are reports that SandMonkey has been arrested while delivering supplies to Tahrir Square.

Update on the update: SandMonkey has been released. No details as yet.


  1. Hey thanks for including this. You mentioned this and I've been meaning to find it.