Monday, 31 January 2011

Outtake - sometimes you have to make a choice

Momentous things are happening.

Regardless of what the outcome is, this wave of emotion, this collective empowerment we've been seeing in the region will not be soon forgotten.

I hope it will continue to inspire.

The response in the West Bank to the events in Tunis, Egypt & Jordan has been very quiet. Al Jazeera is on in every shop but people are still cautious of forming an opinion.

They are waiting. Waiting to see what the outcome is. Palestine's experience with collective stands has historically been harsh - punishable by more walls, restrictions and sanctions.

Even the release of the Palestine Papers didn't spark anywhere close to the outrage that seemed to be felt abroad.

The answers to my questions are all the same:

"What's new?"

"We know all this already. You think these people are working for us?"

"The negotiations are a joke, always have been."

"You think any of this will make a difference? This is our situation, it will not change."

From what I can tell from blogs like Gaza Mom, there's more of an outwardly reaction to the events in Gaza.

Gaza's border with Egypt puts it in an entirely different situation from the West Bank and it's opposition government also means there was a different slant of opinion on the Palestine Papers.

The next week or so will make things clearer I hope. In the meantime, I wish the Egyptian people the best and salute their decision to stick together on this.

A man being interviewed by Al Jazeera said the following (roughly) and the sentiment stuck with me.

"Every person out here today has made a choice. My nation before my life. It's what you have to do."

Photo taken from Twitpic: @ShawkattRaghib (thank you from a stranger)


  1. Sara.. I love your blog!!
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  2. Thanks habibti :) xxxxx And thanks for reading!