Saturday, 22 January 2011

Chapter 30 Jericho

School's off for a couple weeks and, intrepid explorers that we are, we've planned a couple of interesting outings.

Our first - a hike into Jericho from the nearby St George's (St George the Dragon Slayer) Monastery through Wadi(Valley) Kelt.

Jericho is about an hour away but our journey took twice that due to a half hour wait at the check point while our passports were checked and us not really knowing how to explain to the taxi driver where we were going.

Hanging about at the checkpoint. Waiting.

It was worth it.

The landscape on the way to Jericho is made up of endlessly rolling low hills. Much like massive desert sand dunes. It is a good 10 degree warmer there than Nablus and we had shed our sweaters in no time.

We arrive at the monastery and are met by a barrage of men on donkeys offering us rides into the monastery and mostly religious tourists.

The monastery is tucked away in the mountains.

Tourists riding donkeys down the winding path to the monastery.

A mummy inside the monastery.

We take a wander around the 6th century church before setting off on the 11km hike into Jericho.

The river goes to Jericho eventually feeding into the River Jordan.

In the distance - Jericho and then... Jordan.

The beginnings of Jericho.

Jericho city centre - the end of our journey


  1. damn that looks good, wish i could have joined you!

  2. Very nice... is just that the Greek Saint is actually Romanian, the writing is in Romanian too :o)

  3. Thank you!! Fixed.

    Nick - wish you had been here. We miss you.