Saturday, 15 January 2011

Chapter 29 The case of the Palestinian plug

A source of constant confusion for me is why the plug on my Palestinian-bought laptop fits into less than half of Palestinian sockets.

Also, does it still make sense to call them 'universal adapters' when they CLEARLY AREN'T as evidenced by their lack of utility when faced with the myriad plug/socket combinations available here in the West Bank:

The most common of the plug holes - three round pins.

While it may look like a once normal socket, there is little in the wiring inside to support this.

Three tiny pins that no plug comes close to fitting in to. We have speculated on what this could be for with no useful result.

Two round pins and a rectangular one.

The plug for the hair dryer - three round pins.

Laptop - two large round pins.

Lamp - two much smaller round pins.

The heater - three round pins.

The other heater. Also purchased in Palestine. Two round pins but doesn't fit in any of our outlets and requires an adapter purchased in the UK.

The refrigerator - three round (smaller) pins.

Washing machine - three weirdly angular pins.

Oven - no pins


  1. oh dear, someone has waay too much time on their hands.....lets photograph the plugs!! Im dissapointed you didnt link this to the wider political significance.....Nick

  2. haha... you're right Nick - next time I will look deeper. Next?? The guys at the shisha place miss you by the way :)