Thursday, 18 November 2010

Photos Jerusalem - The Wall

We managed to convince our bus driver to make a quick stop at the separation wall outside Jerusalem's Kalandia checkpoint. We wanted to take a few pictures and do a little exploring of this fence we had all read so much about.

The 'fence' goes on for miles by the way. In fact, it's expected to span over 400 miles by completion. It's also pretty thick and solid.

It's also much higher than any fence I've seen before. About 26 feet actually if we're being precise.

Just saying.

The Wall is covered in graffiti which ranges from angry scrawlings to beautiful pieces of art which evoke myriad feelings and stories. Here are a few:

The most famous of the nine pieces by Banksy. Having seen it in print, I was excited to see it in real life and immediately went looking for it. Banksy told of a moment while he was drawing when an old man approached and stood, surveying his work.

'Why do you try to make this wall beautiful?' the old man chastised, 'we don't want it to be beautiful, we hate it.'

I love the addition of the bird handing the little girl more balloons. When Banksy first drew this, the surrounding bits of wall were completely blank.

This one is right under the girl with balloons. I have no idea what it says but liked the way the fingers were drawn.

No words needed here.

This one, so poignant.

Tucked away at the bottom - easy to miss but the words speak loudly.

That's a heart in his slingshot.

Hard to believe but these pictures make up only one tiny fraction of the wall.

Sorry, fence.