Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Urgent Appeal!

Ola (see previous post) is currently lying in a hospital bed in Rafeedyeh Hospital, Nablus. Her preliminary operation went well and the pressure on her brain has been relieved for the moment. However her tumor will only get bigger and if it is not removed she will die.

The PCRF is working with Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence to get her flown over there for the operation that will save her life.

Unfortunately the Meyer Children’s Hospital’s budget for pro bono cases is finished for 2010 and are unable to take on any new cases until 2011.

Ola’s life is now worth €11,000 and we are trying to raise the money to save it.

If you feel that can help please go to the PCRF website and donate whatever you can.

The link is:

If you do not have a paypal account, you can donate through the PCRF's main donation page but please quote ‘for Ola’ in the space provided so that the funds can be properly allocated.

Otherwise, please – tell your friends, your family, your boss and your uncle’s best bud.

Share Ola’s story so that we can change it

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