Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thank you

I want to say I’m speechless. But I’m not – I’m so excited and overwhelmed that I’m bubbling over with everything that I want to say.

But I’ll keep it simple.

Thank you.

To everyone. To everyone who’s donated their hard earned money at a time when things are difficult for many.

To everyone who’s shared the story. To each and every person who’s tweeted it, facebooked it, blogged it, emailed it, bbmed it, texted it or just plain talked about it.

Because you’ve done it… and the money has been raised. What little is left has been pledged and the team at Meyer Children's Hospital is ready to go ahead with Ola's operation.

One week ago a death sentence was looming over the life of a seven year old girl. But your compassion and actions over the past 10 days have eradicated that death sentence. As if it were nothing more than a puff of smoke from a sheesha pipe.

It’s beyond belief what can happen when people come together.

The PCRF are now taking care of the final details of Ola’s trip and I will keep you all posted on how her operation goes. Inshallah kheir.

A few very special thank yous:

To my family who, on extremely short notice, mobilized and donated even more than I could have hoped for. I love you and am humbled by you.

To Alexander McNabb, without whose tireless campaigning so much of the fundraising momentum would simply not have happened. Without Alex this campaign would have been nothing compared to what it has become. He has also been a fundamental part of my support network for a long time and for that I am forever grateful.

To my colleagues in the West Bank, especially Ellen whose background in human rights campaigning and advice has been hugely helpful. And Ciaran, whose beautiful photo of Ola has circulated the net and given soul to her story.

Thank you to all Geekfesters, for opening their hearts and wallets and Gerald who generously donated one of his stunning pictures for auction.

To the PCRF for the work that they do and the doctors who give up their time to come to Palestine and treat these children.

Thank you.


  1. And bravo and well done to you too ya Sara! Good luck to Little Ola :-)

  2. I second what Mich said without you it would not have happened.Hope everything goes well with Ola,our prayers for her.
    Kudos Sara

  3. Inshalla kheir. Will keep you all posted.

    Many many thanks xxx

  4. So proud of you Sara, and love you so much. I pray for Ola.. that she becomes a life long friend of yours.