Thursday, 14 October 2010

Photos The Old Souq - revisited

I finally had the chance to take a proper wander around the Old Souq. It is packed packed with stuff. Unbelievable.

The entrance is beautiful. A simple arch leading to a narrow road that, if needs must, can just about fit a car in it. Cobbled streets and alleyways wind away from the main road and the smell of fresh bread wafts around.

I wasn't kidding when I said it was packed. There's everything in the souq. From vegetables and spices to bicycles and go carts to racy lingerie to musical instruments to jewellery, to fish, meat and chicken (you pick them live from cages and for a little bit extra you can have them slaughtered in front of you to ensure ultimate freshness).

It's full of people as well. Chatty children who say hello, stall owners shouting out prices and Falafel guys trying to entice customers.

Words cannot describe - so hopefully images will do the trick. Ladies and gentleman... the Old Souq!

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